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Meme Time Ya'll

kitty reid
List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

1. Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock Holmes

2. Dean Winchester from Supernatural

3. Eliot Spencer from Leverage

4. Danny "Danno" Williams from Hawaii 5-0 (circa 2010)

5. Kurt Hummel from Glee

6. Inspector Hathaway from Inspector Lewis

7. Dr. Cox from Scrubs

8. Guy of Gisbon from Robin Hood

9. Logan/Wolverine from The X-Men (comic, cartoon, movie, etc)

10. Cougar and Jensen from The Losers (tie)

11. Rorschach from The Watchmen

12. Batman from Batman (comic, cartoon, movie, etc)

13. Spock and Bones from Star Trek (tie)

14. G. Callen from NCIS: Los Angeles

15. Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS



kitty reid
Another actor that I love has joined the list of the dearly departed.

Leslie Neilsen passed away at the age of 84. And while I did hold out hope that it was an internet hoax, it appears to be fact.

So to all the other elderly actors that I love (I'm looking at you Mel Brooks, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and the ones hiding behind them), YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE!


You are to fight the Reaper tooth and nail. I mean it. If you die, I will be super pissed.

Remiss in my duties

elliot frick
I haven't updated this in about, oh, a billion years. Since giving all the background would take to long, let me just sum it up.

Full-time/permanent/recession proof job at Financial Aid Office fell through. The Director, that had asked me to apply and jump through all the hoops, decided that since I was just out of school that I wouldn't get the same respect as someone that is older and that someone outside the office would be able to better see the issues with our office procedures. She decided not to hire ANYONE from our application pool and has decided to reopen the position to applicants.

It sucks, but whatever. I'm done with school at Cincinnati State. I refuse to work some place for $8.00 an hour as a work-study when I'm not good enough to be paid appropriately, even though I would essentially be doing the exact same job.

I've been doing periodic application blitzes. One of the women that my mother works with was involved in a head-on collision, and since they were already understaffed, I told my mom that I'd be able to help out at the thrift store. Mom checked with the appropriate Powers That Be, and since I've worked with the company before, there wasn't an issue. I'm glad to have the income, even though it is an extremely part time job and not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

I had an interview at Massage Envy not too long ago. The interview went really well, even though it was interrupted since she had to go to an event for the spa and asked me to return in a couple of hours for the 2nd half of the interview and the "demo massage". The "demo massage" could have gone better. It was the first full body massage that I have given in about a year (due to school and co-op). There were no complaints during the massage, but I know that I didn't use as much pressure as she was expecting and did a more "relaxation massage" instead of a therapeutic massage. The woman said that it was a great massage, but that she is looking for a therapist that is more comfortable with therapeutic massages. She told me that they are opening a new location and wants me to apply again in about 6 months since she said that I would probably be able to snag a position in that location easily. At her location, they have a great deal of massage therapists that do relaxation massages.

I'm kind of glad that I didn't get the position because I couldn't have afforded it at this time. I would not only have to pay about $160 for liability insurance, but also, do to the location of the spa I would have to be licensed with the City of Cincinnati, which would also cost another $150. Mom would have shelled out the money to help me, but it still had me stressed after the interview.

So far I've been looking for positions in both the administrative assistant type field and massage therapy field. I hate that the economy sucks and I am kind of hoping that the Financial Aid Office is drowning in paperwork right now.


Oh Hai thur

Okay, I brought my season one DVDs of The Sentinel to a friend's house, and we are working our way through them this weekend.

That being said: I'd like some advice from those in The Sentinel fandom. Could you hit me up with some links for awesome type fics or websites?

Movie Jensen Don't Stop
Alright, so after trolling through a lj community where they provide downloads of television shows, I decided to download Glee.

I normally watch NCIS & NCIS:LA on Tuesdays, but with those in repeats, I figured I needed something else to amuse me for the next week or so.

It started with realizing that if I watched Glee as if I had ADD (ie: skipping around the downloaded episodes looking for bits with characters/musical numbers I like) that there are things that draw my interest. After sprinting my way through the episodes that have been released, I'm working on going back and actually watching entire episodes.

As it stands, there are a handful of characters I'm sick of, even from the pieces that I've seen. I'm surprised that a show that seems to be built perfectly for an ensemble cast has characters that are apparently the "stars" of the club and of the show. I'm sick of Rachel and Finn. I'm sorry. I know they are "important" but I really don't care. Finn is supposed to be The Golden Boy (tm) but there isn't any reason for me to see him as such. He seems to be a marginal athlete and a good singer, but I have heard better. And quite frankly, Mike Cheng is more physically appealing to me than Finn.

Yes, Rachel is talented, but so are Mercedes, Tina, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany. Hell, if you need a soprano Kurt rocks. I don't know why we need Rachel to be diva-ing it up in our faces almost every week.

I can handle a lot of the stupid mistakes on the part of the students because they are all supposed to be about 16 years old, and no one is freaking brilliant at that age. Hell, the part of the brain that is able to fully comprehend consequences isn't even fully formed until about 25 years of age. I would just like the characters to be a bit more fleshed out.

BTW: Kurt's dad is freaking amazing. I'm glad Mike O'Malley is in a role that allows him to be more than the staple "stupid husband" in a sitcom.


Testing Mood Theme

kitty reid
Alrighty, testing my mood theme. Hope it turns out okay.

So, I'm kind of goofy

kitty reid
I decided to spend $15 and see what having a paid account is like. I'm probably going to be spending the next week or so experimenting with my journal is going to look, so don't be alarmed if things get squirrely.

I will happily take suggestions on any improvements that could be made.

I'd also like it if someone could point me to a good custom mood design to use. ^_^

Color Meme ganked from a friend

kitty reid
Comment here and I will give you a colour. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that colour.

My color was pink:

1. The perfume Pink Sugar.
2. My gray and pink skirt.
3. My pink fuzzy bathrobe.
4. Garcia's highlights that one season in Criminal Minds
5. My "professional" nail polishes
6. Dean's lips (hey, sometimes they give him an unreasonable amount of pinkness ^_^)
7. My pink sweater
8. The porcelain angel statue that my mom gave me
9. The pig I made in Sculpture II
10. MISS PIGGY!!!!!

Okay, I just want credit for not making the usual genitalia jokes that I could have made.

I'm just saying.


Spent some time before work tooling around Youtube and found this:

Zachary Quinto makes me giggle.

Yeah, that's right, I'm Meme-ing it up.

kitty reid
Meme stolen from severity_softly .

1. REPLY TO THIS MEME BY YELLING "MY NAME IS THE MASTER", AND I WILL GIVE YOU FIVE WORDS THAT REMIND ME OF YOU. (ETA: You don't really have to say that for me. Just tell me you want to do it.)

And here are my five words from severity_softly 

My five wordsCollapse )



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